Local Government

A career in local Government can involve working in broad range of areas, from community health and services to transport and environmental planning. Many areas require the same core skills, the ability to assess, plan, manage and evaluate projects, all of which require a working knowledge of Quantitative techniques.

Hertfordshire County Council

Catherine Togher, Project Manager, Environment

Hannah Rignell, Commissioner, Health and Community Services

Sarah Sheldon, Graduate Management Trainee, Environment (previously Children’s Services)

Tim Napper, Climate Change and Sustainability Officer, Environment

Place of work: Hertfordshire County Council

Click on the images below to view the resources. The workplace study provides more detail of the work conducted by the team at Hertfordshire County Council and their use of Quantitative Methods, and the poster provides a useful overview.

Hertfordshire County Council pdf

Workplace study

Hertfordshire County Council poster


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